Miscues, missed chances cost Raiders in loss to Steelers

In retrospect, the Las Vegas Raiders actually played well enough to win this game, therefore it was very unfortunate for them to lose in such a way.

The bulk of Saturday night’s game was played with the Silver and Black in the lead, and they did a good job of controlling it by playing smart defense-supporting football.

The squad only had two penalties for a total of 20 yards, four quarterback hits, and a 50% third down conversion rate. Two failed field goals by the Steelers in the blustery, chilly weather also contributed to their advantage.

Miscues, missed chances cost Raiders in loss to Steelers The Raiders lost the game 13-10 as a consequence of multiple crucial errors and injuries that occurred down the stretch and led to the lead being lost with less than a minute remaining in play.

a battle-tested match. Guys Held on, but there were simply too many errors, said head coach Josh Mc Daniels following the game. Too many mistakes I made on my own. You’ll always lose if your football performance in crucial occasions is insufficient.

Chandler Jones and Denzel Perryman, two Pro Bowlers for the Raiders who entered the game already slightly injured, were lost in the second half.

The Steelers were kept out of the end zone despite their efforts by the defence until late in the fourth quarter.

In the last two and a half minutes, Steelers rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett guided a 76-yard drive, going 6-for-8 and connecting with George Pickens for a 14-yard touchdown pass to take the lead.

Miscues, missed chances cost Raiders in loss to Steelers According to Mc Daniels, the refence “hang in there.” “Played really, really well for the most of the game. We conceded a couple plays here and there, but overall,

I believe they fought hard and tried to put as much pressure as they could on the quarterback. He is a talented young athlete.

Miscues, missed chances cost Raiders in loss to Steelers

The truth is that players in this league will eventually find a way to win if they are given too many opportunities while the game’s outcome is in doubt. That is what took place.

Due to three sacks and three interceptions, Derek Carr struggled against the tenacious Steelers refence. Josh Jacobs was only able to get 44 yards on the ground on 15 attempts, and Davante Adams got two receptions for 15 yards.

We thought we were making progress in certain areas, but today clearly showed that we weren’t successful enough, said Carr. Despite how awful it is, you still have to prepare for the next one the following day. However, this one stings.”

Again revealing his feelings to the public, Carr said, I mean, my heart hurts.” “I simply care so much, and it hurts when you don’t give it your all and let your team, organisation, or fans down. You feel your heart crack. Nobody is concerned at the end of the day. You stand back up and proceed.”

To finish the season on a positive note, the Raiders have the difficult chore of making adjustments and bringing it all together on the field. Two home games versus the Chiefs and 49ers will round off the Silver and Black’s 2022–23 campaign.

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