Top tips to get kids to sleep on Christmas Eve

Top tips to get kids to sleep on Christmas Eve Seven fantastic suggestions to convince kids to sleep well before Santa Claus arrives

How to get youngsters to sleep on Christmas Eve has long been a challenge for parents and carers all around the world.

Although the anticipation of Santa’s arrival is amazing, it may also keep families up the night before Christmas. So here are some strategies, including professional guidance, to get the youngsters into bed.

Inhale some fresh air.

According to studies, kids who get some sunshine and fresh air sleep better. On Christmas Eve, taking the kids for a brisk winter stroll can help them unwind and make them feel naturally more exhausted before bed. Sleeping is also aided by the colder air.

Ensure that rooms are not excessively heated.

Cooler temperatures, according to the babysleepsite, help youngsters sleep better because they allow the body’s core temperature to drop, which is necessary for restful sleep. They claim that a temperature range of no more than 18C is the ideal for promoting restful sleep.

Top tips to get kids to sleep on Christmas Eve

Observe the sugar

Even if it might be difficult, try to limit your intake on Christmas Eve of sweets and carbonated beverages. In order to prevent kids from still experiencing a sugar rush before attempting to go asleep, BBC CBeebies advises establishing a cut-off period a few hours before bedtime. However, evidence indicates that any major stimulation—whether or not it’s fueled by sugar—continuing into the evening might interfere with sleep. A warm milk beverage does aid in physical relaxation.

Follow your regimen.

A schedule is one factor that sleep experts believe might help kids sleep better. Even on Christmas Eve, when bedtime may be a bit later than on a typical night or after school, it is crucial that kids understand the bedtime routine. A relaxing bath, a bedtime tale, dim lighting, and no outside distractions will be helpful. And try to make sure you can do the same away from home if you’re staying with relatives or friends.

Family time

Having the entire family gathered on Christmas Eve is amazing. Try to gather everyone early in the evening so you can unwind and perhaps watch a holiday movie. Prior to going to bed, try to take a break from screen time, including TV, cell phones, computers, and tablets. And try to finish everything gently, without parents rushing off to finish cleaning the kitchen or wrapping presents before the kids go to bed.

calming tones

Naturally, Christmas Eve is not like other evenings, and your kids are probably vibrating with anticipation. Try an audio book, a podcast, or an app on your phone that contains calming stories or noises if you’re having trouble. Getting kids to concentrate on a book or soothing music will help them forget about their Santa-related enthusiasm. Children can unwind with the aid of CBeebies’ podcasts.

The final option is…

According to a recent research, 21% of parents tell their children that Santa can’t descend the chimney until they are sound asleep. Therefore, if Santa is absent, there will be no presents. Additionally, they just had a brief conversation regarding Santa’s arrival. If kids have any worries about delivery, Santa locating the house, or where the reindeer will land, reassure them. Have your responses prepared. Top tips to get kids to sleep on Christmas Eve

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